Surge Frequently Asked Questions

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Surge Suppression

Aren’t most surges caused by lightning strikes?

Most of us associate power surges with lighting strikes, but in fact, they are the least common cause of surges. 60 – 80% of surges happen within a house and are caused by events such as your air conditioner cycling on/off or turning on your vacuum cleaner.

Don’t surge protectors last forever? Why do I have to replace the module in the Surge Protective Device?

No, surge protective devices don’t last forever. When they’re doing their job, they absorb power surges and eventually become compromised. Like fuses that burn out or ink cartridges that run out of ink, eventually the surge protective device needs to be changed. Intermatic’s built-in LED lights make it easy to see when you’re protected and when it’s time to change a module.

How does “whole home protection” work?

The Surge Protective Device is hard wire directly to the incoming power source, protecting everything in your home that derives power from your electrical panel such as lighting, appliances, TVs, garage doors, printers, and so much more!

Should I still use plug-in surge strips for my computer or TV?

Another layer of surge protection never hurts. But, be aware that surge strips degrade over time and you can’t look and tell if it’s still providing surge protection.

What if I’m not comfortable changing the module that close to the fuse box?

You can still call your electrician. Now, it will be a simple, short service call, substantially reducing your time and costs.

Does the $25,000 warranty cover lighting strikes?

There are no surge protective devices on the market that can protect against a direct lightning hit. However, Intermatic’s comprehensive connected equipment coverage includes items that few if any manufacturers cover, such as microwave ovens, stereo equipment, and computers.

New Product Highlights


The Intermatic® line of occupancy sensors are engineered and tested for long-lasting performance. In-Wall and Ceiling Mount sensors in both PIR (infrared) and dual (PIR/ultrasonic) technologies can monitor virtually any area within a building, providing solutions for any retrofit or new construction project. They utilize zero-crossing technology to suppress inrush current impact, supplying reliable ON/OFF sensing no matter the lighting technology.


The Intermatic® ICUBE™ Adaptive Defrost Module cuts defrost cycles--and utility bills--for the food service industry. Designed by Grässlin by Intermatic for commercial walk-in coolers and freezers, the smart-sensing technology behind the ICUBE™ continuously monitors evaporator coil temperatures and only allows defrosting when necessary at the next programmed timer interval.

Surge Protective Device Group Shot

The Intermatic® Surge Protective Device with Consumable Modules covers 100% of a home’s big investment equipment, from appliances and computers, to HVAC equipment and TVs. The Surge Protective Device uses replaceable Consumable Modules that allows homeowners to easily and safely replace a module when the built-in LED light indicates it has been compromised.